Crowdfund your next campaign like it’s the best party ever!

Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign requires a ton of planning prior to launch, but that will allow you to increase your chances of getting funded early on and maximize your results thereafter.

We wrote a few months back about how crowdfunding campaigns are done and what you need to get funded. Since then I’ve thought a lot on the subject of keeping people excited about your project prior to the launch and during the live campaign.

YOUR CAMPAIGN SHOULD FEEL LIKE THE BEST PARTY EVER! Think about the most funded projects recently on Kickstarter. Reading Rainbow and Coolest Cooler had a ton of exciting news stories, updates, stretch goals, and pure excitement. People backed these campaigns not only because they offered something fantastic, but because they wanted to be part of such cool projects that made history.

Just like people awaiting a highly anticipated party, a crowdfunding campaign pre-launch and a live campaign should make your potential backers feel excited about the upcoming launch. So understanding what are the hot elements of your campaign is crucial if you want to achieve the best results on launch day. Social Media has a lot of cool useful tools to make sure all of your friends know when you are launching your campaign and even get them to RSVP for the big day. So yes, your launch should feel like a big party and you want all your friends to be there. Your campaign needs to have a powerful sales pitch (less than 500 words), engaging video that explains the problem, and its solution, who you are, testimonials, product demo and calls to action in less than three minutes, hot and unique rewards that will make people line up and talk about them on social media, and just like for a really cool party, you want to offer irresistible party favors or games to keep your guests entertained and last, make sure they are telling their friends how cool you party is and that they should come as well.

After raising over $2M for our clients we know how important it is to be passionate and excited about your project and if you can make if feel like a party to remember for years, you will also be able to get more than what you planned for. The outcome can be things such as brand and customer activation, invaluable market research to improve your idea or product before it’s finalized, close important distribution deals, exit strategy to name a few.

Party on!

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Posted on July 28, 2014 in blog, crowdfunding, Entertainement, Indiegogo, kickstarter, Uncategorized

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